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Lazy? Start Painting.

If you are lazy and looking for a job, look no further. Start applying to paint the lines on the road. 

When this horse poo disappears the lines are going to need some new painting.


My favorite store bought bread. I love the ingredient list, this is the way bread should be.

....because apparently I am the new bread expert and have authority on the subject?...

The Diet From...You Know Where.

A few weeks back I had a brilliant idea.  I decided that for one week I would eat a Vegan diet! Besides, it couldn't be that hard, right? And, I don't even really like food!......


Hard does not even begin to cover it.  More like, cruel and unusual punishment. I was having dreams of big thick juicy cheeseburgers by the end of the week. I don't even really like cheeseburgers!

Originally this was going to be the trial run for the month long Vegan diet challenge. No way JOSE. No more freakin Vegan eating for me. Ever. Never.

But, I must say that I learned how to cook a new array of vegetables, how to appreciate the vegetables and how much I appreciate animal products.

These are two of my most common Vegan meals. I know, you are probably drooling right now. But, don't worry, if you absolutely MUST HAVE either meal I will whip it up for you. Just shoot me a message.


Time to Play Catch Up.

Fall in Utah is absolutely gorgeous. It is breathtaking. I love the exquisite colors, the crunchy leaves, the crispy air, the scarves and boots, and big warm blankets.

It also doesn't hurt that my birthday is in the fall :)

The scenery around here during the fall is to die for! I found myself stopping to take pictures all of the time. But don't worry, I won't post pictures of every single variation of fall leaf that I found. Or every sunset that we've had this fall. ....It's not like I have all of those pictures or anything.

One of my favorite activities this fall was Cornbellys. I got to go twice! I absolutely loved the pig races.

I was just a little disappointed when the advertised "duck races" were not actually duck races.
But, don't worry. After I raced a few ducks and actually won a few races, I was not so sad anymore.

Naturally, I was freezing.  Cornbellys had these wonderful fire pits scattered around the grounds. I loved being able to sit down around the fire pit, warm up and head back out. Yes, the majority of the participants in the majority of the activities we participated in were under 8. Yes, I loved it! I had so much fun!!

I may be the least artistic person in the universe. I am the least artistic person in the world. It was so fun looking at all of these gorgeous pumpkins. I'm in awe of people that can express themselves through art, even if it is on a pumpkin.

This is the pumpkin I made this year (using a stencil, of course). Nothing says fall like heading out to the pumpkin patch, finding the perfect pumpkin, going home, carving it, roasting the seeds, eating some soup and grilled cheese and then snuggling up to watch a good movie. 

My birthday was great as well.  It's funny, this is the first year that I haven't had a long count down. Usually everyone around me knows that my birthday is coming up in approximately 47 days.  Much to the relief of the people around me, my birthday was not as intriguing to me this year. I realized a week before my birthday that my birthday was coming up and wasn't overly thrilled. It had been a crazy (to say the least) month and I just didn't feel much like planning a big event or entertaining for my birthday. 

Am I an old lady or what!?

Anyways, my birthday ended up being spectacular.  I got extremely thoughtful packages from friends and family that are far away. My family is always very good about making me feel special on my birthday. My family is basically pretty awesome. 

I came home the night before my birthday to this...

At work friends brought me presents...
((Husband Cake from The Chocolate. If you haven't tried it, you have no idea the potential that yellow cake has. ))

The other food items that were brought to my work got eaten too quick to take pictures of! What!? Me, like food!? That's weird.

I got to see the Thriller Dance Performance at the University of Utah. Which was INCREDIBLE. Highly recommend it. I was taken to dinner at Ruth's Chris Stake House. Had an amazing birthday dinner on my actual birthday, decorated pumpkin cookies and got to spend time with so many people that I love. 

22, you are going to be a great year.

Fall has come and gone, but it was perfect. The colors are all gone from the trees, which is sad, but I am content and excited for winter.

Yes Please.

Columbus Day.

Celebrating Columbus Day = Exploring uncharted territories.

Uncharted territory = Sapa in Salt Lake City.


AMAZING. Highly recommended.

Columbus Day = Success. Thanks Columbus, 'ol buddy 'ol pal, for all that you did.

Fall is here, officially.

Grande Caramel Apple Spice from Starbucks.
AKA decadence in a little white cup.

Let's Eat.

My cousin, David, gave me a whole bag of peaches he had picked at his Bishop's house. 

So, then I had to decide what I was going to do with a big bag of gorgeous healthy peaches.

The decision making process was about 1/2 a second. 

Make them into something unhealthy, of course!

I was in heaven. Rainy, sleety, snowy morning and I got to stay inside with the fireplace ablaze and bake with Norah Jones serenading me.

It was a great day.

Nom Nom.

RIP Steve.